The Cold Season

Daily Prompt: For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

Well, it’s approaching winter over here – not that you could tell. The saying that Melbourne has four seasons in one day is quite true. But yes, finally: winter!


Sadly I don’t actually get this awesome scenery, because it doesn’t snow in Melbourne.

Now, why would I like winter of all seasons? It rains, it’s cold, gets dark quickly and it feels like time to go into hibernation. Though I’m not so certain the hibernation is a bad thing; there’s no feeling like snuggling under warm covers in winter, in my opinion. I enjoy that winter brings the snow with it (not that we get any over here). I suppose I might not say that if I actually had to live with it.
I like the colours of winter too – the cool blues and whites and greys. Ever since I was a kid there was something about the biting cold and fresh air that drew me in. Nowadays, my age is catching up with me and winter brings with it chills and joint aches, but it’s still my favourite.
Why?Because I hate summer – the sweating, the blood noses, the heat and stale air, the list goes on; Spring’s not for me because of hay fever, and autumn is nice but often a muddy type of rainy. So I guess I’ll just stick with winter. It’s the one I’ll look forward to the most after the months of hay fever, heat and not-quite winter air.
And my birthday’s also during that season, so that’s a bonus 🙂


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