Hard to be Competitive

Daily PromptWhat activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

There are lots of things that bring out my competitive streak, but what brings it out the most? Hmm.

As someone with quite a short attention span, it’s hard to find any one thing that particularly brings out my competitive streak, but if I had to choose it would probably be badminton.

It’s basically the only sport I’ve continued for any length of time, and I’d like to think I’ve become fairly good at it. It’s social, and fun to play when there’s as much banter flying around as shuttlecocks. It’s also, as probably most sports are, one of those games where it’s hard to have the most fun without there being competition.


Still, it’s unexpectedly hard to be competitive in it. There are just too many factors that lead to failure in bringing out that adrenalin-inducing feeling.  Either your partner’s too good and can’t be bothered taking you seriously, or vice versa. Or else you get a bad partner. So I guess I’d better just stick with the ‘this is social and I’m just meant to have fun, not smash it into their faces.’ approach. Figuratively and literally.

Some people will probably say that that’s a loser’s approach to competition – ‘it’s just for fun’. Now, I like winning as much as the next person, but bragging just makes one look shallow, and the winning euphoria is short lived when no one really cares that you won except yourself. Personally, I think I’d remember the fun more than the winning (because then I’d have to remember the losing too).
Besides, there are too many things I subconsciously like to be competitive in – eating, reading, working – and if I remembered every single success or failure I had, it’d get way too exhausting.

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