Not Repenting, Thanks Anyways

Okay, so this post may step on a lot of toes. I might even receive some flames by indignant believers about how wrong I am and so on.  Still, it’s been a pet peeve of mine for quite some time now.

Religion. It’s something that has started wars, and been a key factor (or at least excuse) for racial discrimination and cultural divide. Now, I’m not trying to discriminate against any one religion here, but I certainly find Christianity more pushy than most. Why? It’s a great religion, full of ‘just’ morals and other great things that teach you to be a better person – or so I’ve been told that’s how it is these days. Apparently no one talks about the hypocritical plot holes in the bible like ‘an eye for an eye’ and ‘forgive thy enemy’ anymore. But as I’m not religiously inclined to Christianity, I don’t really care about all that; go ahead, believe in your God, ignore the holes in the holy book, it has nothing to do with me.

Right up until someone – a wholly sane-looking individual I walk past on the street – sees fit to tell me that if I repent now, God will forgive me for my sins. I’ll ignore the fact that you seem to think slightly Gothic clothing, or whatever it is that makes me a sinner, equals the devil’s disciple (discrimination yet again); in fact – strangers who have said this to me – you probably meant it with the best of intentions; to show me the light of God at my darkest, etc, etc… Forgive me if I don’t really care about my sins. I certainly have no intention of repenting for being an individual with a personality rather than a sheep, and I certainly have no intention of forgiving someone who stabs me in the back either. Call me immature all you want, but I will not forgive and forget.


My back is up about this – and seems to be especially against Christianity – because it’s happened to me several times, regardless of what clothes I’m wearing or where I am. Perhaps I simply have a face like the devil incarnate, but the point is that no Buddhist or Hindu or any other religion major or minor has ever come up to me and preached about their God and his almighty forgiveness. Christianity is the only religion I’ve had constantly pushed on to me, and quite frankly I’m sick of it.

If you come up to me praising God and asking if I want to join, fine, I’ll accept that you want to help in indoctrinating others – I mean showing them the light. But telling me I’ll be forgiven for my sins if I join, and otherwise I’m going straight to hell? He forgives all, right up until you decide not to worship him, huh? No thanks, I have no interest in such a picky God.

This may sound hypocritical considering the slander and antagonistic approach I’ve taken, but I do not hate Christians or the Christian religion; I’m okay with people believing the things of their choice and doing their best to do right by them. Just stop pushing them on to people; it’s a modern society, chances are if someone wants to join a religion, there’s more than enough information on the net, or churches/temples/mosques that they can go to.


Inspired by: Daily Prompt: Bone of Contention | My Atheist Blog

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2 Responses to Not Repenting, Thanks Anyways

  1. Christianity is based on the New Testament and what Jesus was willing to die for. The old testament is what Jesus read and he was Jewish. I am not a religious person myself, but love Christ because he was not a hypocrite and spoke the truth. He was a servant to all and was the Word in flesh. There has been many imitations and most of his words taken and used as if that person just came up with a great motivational or philanthropic idea, but they are all Jesus. If it is love, it is of the Lord, if it is good it is of God. There is a spiritual truth in that light will brighten the darkness and darkness cannot exist where there is light. God is a gentleman and never goes where he is not welcome or invited. Some are wolves in sheeps clothing and others simply may be over zealous in their testament. When I was young Christians got on my nerves as well, but I learned not to judge them too harshly because I wouldn’t others to do that to me.

    • ncdreamer says:

      Hey, thanks for reading!
      I won’t comment on there being one God, as we each have our own opinion on things, but I would like to say that several of my friends are Christian, talk about the religion or have recommended it to me, and I have nothing against that.
      What I do mind (in case it wasn’t clear in the post) are those that come up and tell me I’m a sinner and must repent. I don’t think it is harsh of me to judge them, as they have already judged me.
      But yes, thanks again for telling me your opinion, and sorry if I said/wrote anything to offend you.

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